When a slip causes major injuries

Everyone has fallen or slipped at least once in their lives, and more likely than not they probably did not suffer broken bones or head injuries. But sometimes such traumatic injuries do occur, and when the fall is really bad it is typically the result of a carelessly maintained sidewalk or roadway.

If you have slipped, fallen, or tripped, and have been injured outside of your home to an extent that required hospitalization, you were most likely a victim of an unsafe walking surface condition. Medical bills that accumulate and the pain and suffering you endure should not be your responsibility. Whether this occurs on a public sidewalk or in a grocery store, we can help.

We can help

Just because you have fallen does not mean you were careless. The law expects landowners to keep roads and streets safe for people like you and me so that we can walk around without falling over and injuring ourselves.

If you feel that you were the victim of such unsafe conditions, we can help. Examples of such unsafe conditions include:

  • Snow and ice build up.

  • Debris, such as loose asphalt or other objects.

  • Potholes.

  • Cracked, damaged, uneven sidewalk.

  • Wet and slippery floors.


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