What is a will and why do I need it?

A will is a testamentary document which allows an individual to direct how their affairs are managed after their death. A will allows a person to distribute their personal and real properties to whomever they wish, appoint guardians for their children, provide for funeral instructions, and settle any other personal and financial affairs.

Without a will, there can be a lot of confusion and uncertainty as to what the decedent wished, and it is not uncommon for these cases to require costly court intervention.

If you have never properly executed a will or trust, it is highly advised that you have one prepared for you as soon as possible. Even a simple, self-completed will which accurately reflects your wishes, is better than nothing. As your assets and family both grow you will benefit greatly from having a complete estate plan.

A will or a trust?

Those with a relatively smaller estate may be able to sufficiently plan their estate with just a will and still avoid the costly process of probate court.

However, in majority of cases we recommend a complete estate plan involving a “pourover” will, revocable trust, power of attorney, advance healthcare directive, and any other documents necessary given the specifics of each case. This will allow for maximum control of your affairs during life and after death while minimizing or eliminating the need to involve costly processes of probate court.

Why Yu & Yu Law?

With our firm, you can be confident that only licensed attorneys will review and draft each of your estate planning documents personally without reliance on secretaries or paralegals. You will also be communicating with your attorney for the entire duration of your case. Our approach ensures maximum quality control and a personal touch for each case made possible only with committed boutique law firms.

For most estate planning cases we are able to provide a flat fee quote after an initial free consultation.

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