What is estate planning?

The primary goals of estate planning is to manage the transfer of assets to intended beneficiaries, to provide for the care and custody of minor children, and to plan how personal and financial affairs are handled in cases of incapacity or an untimely passing.

A comprehensive plan will effectively accomplish all intended client goals while avoiding costly court processes and fees.

Why do I need an estate plan?

Below are some common ways how any person may benefit from an estate plan:

  1. Avoid a costly and lengthy probate court procedure.

  2. Direct exactly how your personal and real properties are distributed.

  3. Plan for your incapacity with a power of attorney and an advance healthcare directive as to minimize the possibility of a court supervised conservatorship in the future.

  4. Appoint guardians for minors and provide directions for their care.

  5. Provide your loved ones guidance and structure as to your wishes.

Every person can benefit from an estate plan, whether it consists of just a will or if is a more comprehensive plan involving revocable trusts. Speak with our estate planning attorneys to learn what is suitable for your personal situation.

Why Yu & Yu Law?

With our firm, you can be confident that only licensed attorneys will review and draft each of your estate planning documents personally without reliance on secretaries or paralegals. You will also be communicating with your attorney for the entire duration of your case. Our approach ensures maximum quality control and a personal touch for each case made possible only with committed boutique law firms.

For most estate planning cases we are able to provide a flat fee quote after an initial free consultation.

Contact us today and tell us how we can help you and your family.


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