Careless mistakes can lead to serious injuries or even death

Every year, thousands of patients receive incorrect medication or medication dosage through no fault of their own and are left with serious injuries, many commonly requiring medical treatments. Such events occur when the prescribing physician is careless or the pharmacist is negligent in dispensing the drug.

Whatever is the case, if this happened to you or a loved one you will want an experienced personal injury on your side to help recover proper and just compensation for all losses.


What you should do if you receive incorrect medication

If you or a loved one ever receive an incorrect drug or an incorrect amount of drug which is a danger to health, this is what you should do immediately:

  1. Do not delay any actions here.

  2. If you ingested the medication, then contact poison control or call 911 for medical attention.

  3. Make a list of all the medications you are currently taking, and also write down the medication you were given in error.

  4. Do not throw anything away, including the medication bottle, the actual medication, the prescription paper, any warnings or paperwork given with the medication, labels, etc.


What we can do for you

Call us today to speak to a licensed personal injury attorney about your injury incident involving a pharmacy mistake and we can take care of your problems from there, including:

  • Taking over all communication with the pharmacy and/or pharmacist company and their agents.

  • Resolving governmental liens placed on your case.

  • Negotiating settlements and bills.

  • Filing a lawsuit (and appeal) on your behalf if necessary.


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