If bitten, seek medical attention

You should go seek medical attention if you have been bitten by a dog and the skin was punctured, lacerated, or torn. Even without those signs, if you have pain near or at the point of the bite then there may be damage beneath the skin. When in doubt, go seek medical attention.

Rabies status of the dog must be immediately determined as well because rabies therapy, if necessary, must begin as soon as possible. The victim's tetanus status must also be current.

Infants and children should also be taken to a doctor after any dog bite.


We can help you with your recovery

You may incur significant medical bills in treating the injury from the bite and any complications that arose from it, such as rabies testing and treatment. We can help you recover the payment of your medical bills from those responsible while getting you compensated for your pain and suffering.

Many people do not realize that the dog owner's homeowner's insurance will cover the claim from such dog bites, even if the bite did not happen on the homeowner's property. Yu & Yu Law attorneys can help you negotiate with the insurance adjusters to ensure that you get proper compensation or initiate proper legal proceedings against the responsible parties to make sure you are taken care of.

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