Medical professionals must uphold a certain standard of care as to minimize any chances of harm to all patients

Unfortunately in California alone, there are tens of thousands of medical malpractice cases which arise annually due to medical professionals’ negligence. Catastrophic incidents which arise include medical instruments left inside a person’s body after surgery, operation on an incorrect part of the body (left ear rather than right ear), failure to diagnose obvious ailments, and other incidents that would be hard to believe if they didn’t occur repeatedly every year.

Whether the medical professional is overworked and too tired for the job, or checking their e-mail in the middle of surgery, such negligent behavior inevitably leads to errors during treatment which may injure patients and put lives at risk.

Medical malpractice cases are complex, requiring experience and diligence

The legal hurdles involved with medical malpractice cases are unique from other types of injury cases, with California statutes specifically addressing various procedural aspects. It is not a case that should be handled alone and not one you want to trust with any personal injury law firm. You will dedicated counsel experienced with medical malpractice cases who can also credibly establish the full extent of your loss, including financial damages, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering.

What we can do for you

Call us today to speak to a licensed personal injury attorney about your injury incident involving a medical professional and we can take care of your problems from there, including:

  • Taking over all communication with the medical professional and/or their employer and agents.

  • Resolving governmental liens placed on your case.

  • Negotiating settlements and bills.

  • Filing a lawsuit (and appeal) on your behalf if necessary.


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