What is a complete estate plan?

A complete estate plan is unique for every individual as it must take into account a wealth of personal data across varying categories such as the client’s family, finances, health status, and general intention of how they wish their personal and financial affairs to be handled during life, in cases of incapacity, and after death.

Every estate plan will typically rely, at a minimum, on the following documents to be drafted specifically for the client:

  1. Will

  2. Revocable Living Trust

  3. Power of Attorney

  4. Advance Healthcare Directive

  5. Certification of Trust

  6. Assignment to Trust

Got the documents — is that all?

Estate planning involves more than just creation of legal documents. An estate planning lawyer should also provide guidance on:

  1. Transferring title and assets into a trust.

  2. Pay-on-death and transfer-on-death accounts.

  3. Beneficiary designations.

  4. Joint tenancies.

  5. Marital deductions, if applicable.

Why Yu & Yu Law?

With our firm, you can be confident that only licensed attorneys will review and draft each of your estate planning documents personally without reliance on secretaries or paralegals. You will also be communicating with your attorney for the entire duration of your case. Our approach ensures maximum quality control and a personal touch for each case made possible only with committed boutique law firms.

For most estate planning cases we are able to provide a flat fee quote after an initial free consultation.

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